Build A Home Cinema In Your



Increasingly London homeowners are exploiting basement space as the perfect location for a home cinema. A secluded basement is the ideal space to for an exclusive entertainment hub. Be that a simple media room or a stunning home theatre.

Photography is truth.  The cinema is truth twenty-four times per second”

— Jean Luc Godard

Managing the acoustics of home cinema and creating the perfect lighting is so much easier in a controlled environment like the basement. Similarly, the basement room offers the opportunity for bespoke decoration and specialist seating arrangement that serve to maximise the experience. This allows homeowners to indulge in creating a ‘true theatre’ experience.

The basement space can be further transformed into a place where friends and family can hang out. By opting installing a small home bar, pool table, games console to create a cool basement to host many fun family events that go beyond just movies!

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