In large period houses the kitchen was historically located within the basement, leaving the rest of the house to be configured as entertainment and living quarters.  Changes in the way that we live  have brought most kitchens up from the confines of the basement to the ground floor level.  The impact of that has been to reduce the available entertainment and living space, altering the original form, function and flow of the whole property.

Kitchens should be designed around what is truly important; fun, food & life”

— Daniel Bould

The reasoning for this was because the ergonomics of modern kitchens require space, which cannot be provided by a lower ground level composed of a series small rooms with low ceiling. However, we design basements  that provide superb open plan spaces, with high ceilings, natural light & excellent ventilation.   Accordingly our basement developments offer fabulous potential to  reinstate the kitchen into the lower levels & reclaim the precious ground-floor accommodation.  Thereby offering further opportunity to reconfigure the accommodation to the original format that is so desired by the market.  


The mantra from which we design is that the most successful basements are those which have an essential function.  What better function is there than a superb kitchen?

We manufacture all our bespoke luxury kitchens from a joinery shop located in Woolwich.  Using the highest quality German and Italian materials, finishes, components and appliances that are available on the market, we can perfectly reproduce any kitchen design to the very highest standard of workmanship. This allows us to deliver amazing kitchens at a price that meets with our client’s budget expectations, without compromising the integrity of the design or quality of the finished product.

Kitchen extensions London

However, cabinets and appliances play only a support role.  Our modern designs combine elements of architecture and interior decoration, to deliver kitchens that are as beautiful as they are practical. 

As a Master Builder we take genuine pride in our ability to finish to the highest standard of workmanship. 

If you are considering remodeling or renovating your kitchen, we have the ability to exceed your expectation.

Creativity without limitation.  Simple.