Wine cellars are replacing home cinemas and basement gyms in our affections as the perfect way to indulge a hobby, and possibly provide some investment value, too.

Nothing more excellent or valuable than wine was ever granted by the gods to man.”

— Plato

Within our basements we can create stunning wine cellars, tailored to meet your personal needs and tastes.  These wine cellars are functional and beautiful spaces from which you can indulge your passion for wine and share a bottle with friends.

We manufacture all our bespoke cabinetry from a joinery shop located in Woolwich.  Using the highest quality German and Italian materials, finishes, components and appliances that are available on the market, we can produce fabulous wine cellars to the very highest standard of workmanship. 

The ideal temperature for storing wine is around 55F (10C).   In the UK climate, London basements are nearly always naturally the correct temperature.  Notwithstanding , climate control systems ensure that your wine is kept at the optimum temperature to preserve quality.  

If you are looking a wine cellar then we have what it takes to bring your aspirations for your wine to life.

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