Basement renovation – an idea for an additional bedroom

Do you regret that there is no guest bedroom in your house? Or maybe you are planning to enlarge your family and are looking for an idea for additional space? Look under the floor! Renovating your basement will allow you to create an extra bedroom that will be your favorite one!

A dark basement is usually a place we don’t want to look at. Thousands of “unnecessary” things, old boxes and forgotten objects – these are the first associations. However, when you decide to cooperate with us, after appropriate reconstruction you will easily get a beautiful additional usable space.

Bedroom in the basement

TOP 3 things you need to pay attention to


One of the most important elements for a basement space is ventilation, so the exchange of air, especially when you plan to create a bedroom there where you will spend a lot of time. Thanks to efficient ventilation you will not be exposed to problems with moisture and mold.


Another important point is the lighting of the basement. When planning to locate a bedroom with a place to work in the basement, you should take care of the access to daylight. How do I do this? Enlarge existing windows or use a skylight.

Stairs to the basement

The stairs leading to the cellars are not usually a work of art. However, when you decide to renovate them, they will become part of the whole project. So you should design them to be comfortable to use, but also stylish and modern.

The above-mentioned elements are just some of the things you should take care of when changing a basement into a bedroom. In addition, it is also important to design the layout of the room, its arrangement, and adaptation to the needs. Who can cope with it better, if not the specialists?

If you are planning to renovate your basement, contact us! We guarantee a professional approach, a great deal of knowledge and experience, thanks to which we will create the space of your dreams!