Basement Renovation – DIY or hire profesionalist?

A basement renovation can be a great opportunity to increase the value of your home, in both ways – price and space. The additional space can also be a huge surprise for your friends and family when they visit you on your housewarming party. Your new basement can be used as a gym, cinema, office or it can increase your storage space.

If you made a decision to renovate your basement, you have two choices. You can do it yourself or hire a professional architect and contractors like us. Why should you do it? Read more!

Perfect project

If you decide to work with professionals, you can be sure that the project you receive will meet all your requirements. It is not easy to design a space that fits the rest of your home and is as functional as possible. However, thanks to the experience and knowledge of specialists, the basement can become a favorite place in your home.

Perfect realization

The basement is, contrary to appearances, a very difficult room. During construction, it is necessary to take care not only of its impeccable appearance but also of technical matters, such as electricity, insulation, lighting, good ventilation and prevention of flooding. Can you do it yourself? If you have the right skills and permissions – yes. However, it is worthwhile to pass these works on to professionals. This will help you to save problems that may arise in the future if something goes wrong.

Hiring a contractor may be the more expensive, but their expertise is often well worth the added expense. It will help you save time and nerves. If you’re still looking for arguments to hire specialists, take a look at our Inspirations & Ideas section, where you’ll find photos that say more than a thousand words.