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House with a basement – yes or no?

If you are just about to choose whether your new home needs a basement, there is only one right answer - YES! It is obvious that a house without a basement turns out to be a much more economical solution, but sometimes the additional space provided by a basement is worth more money! In the past, basements were a necessity and a standard, they were used mainly to store fuel for the winter. Nowadays, basements are ...

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Basement and organization can go hand in hand!

Your basement is chaos and mess? When you have to go down to the basement, you put it off until the last minute? Search for missing items takes you far too long? It don't have to be like this! Bet on the renovation of the basement, which will be characterized by order and organization! As a company that has specialized in basement renovation and design for years, there is nothing impossible for us. The basement in ...

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Do’s and Don’ts of Basement Renovation

Creating a dream basement is, contrary to appearances, not an easy task. If you want the new usable space to last for years, you should follow a few rules when renovating it. What kind of rules? We've outlined the most important do's and don'ts you need to know to tackle your project from A to Z. Are you planning on renovating your basement? This guide may be useful for you! DO - Functionality first If you ...

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Basement renovation – an idea for an additional ...

Do you regret that there is no guest bedroom in your house? Or maybe you are planning to enlarge your family and are looking for an idea for additional space? Look under the floor! Renovating your basement will allow you to create an extra bedroom that will be your favorite one! A dark basement is usually a place we don't want to look at. Thousands of "unnecessary" things, old boxes and forgotten objects - these are ...

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