ambitious projects must be driven by teamwork 

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”

— Henry Ford

Our aim is to successfully deliver our projects on time, to quality and on budget.  Our clients share that mutual objective.  Therefore it is to the benefit of both parties to work together.  It goes without saying that without trust and shared values it is impossible for client and contractor to work as a team.

Achieving collaboration between client and contractor

Collaborative working allows architects, designers and clients to work organically to explore the design potential.  Fixed price contractors stifle flair and ambition, punishing change with inflated costs. 

An approach to pricing that supports creativity 

With cost-plus contracting a client pays only the cost that is incurred and no more.  Thus allowing a far more creative working environment. This  leads to better results and more satisfied clients.

The reason we are able to work collaboratively with clients is down to our commitment to offer complete transparency. This means all invoices are published, every cost is detailed, discounts surrendered and profit is declared.  We also keep our clients informed of any delays, deviations from specification and omissions from scope.  In return we ask for the same level of integrity from our clients. 

Collaborative working promotes confidence, trust and respect.  Moreover it is a far more enjoyable way of working for both us and our clients.

One team, one goal.  Simple.