delivering your renovation project

By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail”
— Benjamin Franklin

Our clients are understandably nearly always keen to start progress on site immediately.  And in circumstances where that is an absolute necessity, then we have the capability to do just that.

Of course, with the luxury of time to plan a project we can better coordinate the delivery. This results in a reduced period of time spent on site  and consequently the disturbance upon a client is reduced.  In situations where a client doesn't have the luxury of time, we do our very best to accommodate their needs. This is a particular benefit of the design and build methodology, along with other advantages (read more about design and build).

Arriving at a completion date

Notwithstanding the immediacy of circumstance, in any building project there are hundreds of tasks and dozens of dependencies.  These dependencies are reliant upon other tasks being completed before they can begin, forming what is known as the critical path.  They dictate the optimum achievable completion date and therefore determine the required start date.

Example Timings for a renovation project

As previously outlined there are a number of steps that require to be undertaken.  To offer an insight into the required timescale for a medium sized refurbishment, we allocate the following periods to those tasks:


  • Survey -                                               1
  • Feasibility Study -                    1
  • Concept Design -                       2
  • Planning Submission -        2  (if required)
  • Planning Permission -         10 (if required)
  • Design Development -         1
  • Technical Design -                    2

B.  CONSTRUCTION                        WEEKS

  •  Mobilization -                               1 
  • Construction works -           9 
  • Finishing works -                       3 
  • Commissioning  -                       1 
  • Handover -                                       1 

In the event that planning permission is not required, the process may be further expedited through concurrent works.  So much so, that a project destined to take as long as 7 months to complete with planning permission, could in fact be delivered in under 4 months - even less if so required.

an Integrated Project Delivery Programme

Prior to any mobilisation to site we will first develop an integrated Project  Delivery Programme, which breaks down the project into a series of events and identifies the critical path.  This allows us to accurately plan our site works, organise tradesmen, compile a procurement schedule and most importantly put in place the necessary controls to ensure the project is delivered on time.

As part of our commitment to transparency and collaborative working, the Project Delivery Programme will be constantly updated and reported against.

More time planning, less time building.  Simple. 

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