Do’s and Don’ts of Basement Renovation

Creating a dream basement is, contrary to appearances, not an easy task. If you want the new usable space to last for years, you should follow a few rules when renovating it. What kind of rules? We’ve outlined the most important do’s and don’ts you need to know to tackle your project from A to Z. Are you planning on renovating your basement? This guide may be useful for you!

DO – Functionality first

If you decide to renovate your basement, with no doubts you want to create a stylish space. Remember, however, that functionality is the most important thing! Regardless of whether you want to create a storage space, bedroom, gym or office.

The key is to plan the space and then stick to the plan. Any change in the course of time will disturb the renovation process, prolong the implementation and can generate additional costs.

DONT – Underestimate the construction

A basement is a specific space in your house in comparison to other rooms in your house. Its finishing requires experience, so it is worth deciding to hire a professional contractor.

Apart from the fantastic look, you should also take care of electricity, ventilation and sewage system in the basement. You should also prevent the appearance of moisture. It is also good to try to provide access to natural light.

All these things are not “minor alterations” and often complete reconstruction and work on the construction.

DO – Be open to open-space

Basement are often small and dark spaces, so it is advisable to use open-space when renovating. Additionally, stylish furniture and finishing is an important element.

If you want to create a cosy space, don’t forget about mirrors, carpets and fashionable furniture. Bright colours and patterns are an ideal solution for a new office or bedroom, dark walls and furniture will work well in a home cinema or wine cellar.

However, moderation is important – focus on quality, not quantity, so that the space does not become overwhelming.