Dick really engaged us in the whole process and kept us informed about every aspect of the project….it was different from our previous experience with builders, where there were many disappointments and lots of stress.  Conversely Dick was utterly professional and inspired a trust which took away the stress….we even laughed.  A lot.”
— Mr & Mrs Andrews, London
As a client I like to be kept informed. Dick is committed to the principles of collaborative working. So in addition to being informed, I was involved in all key decisions.  Overall it was both an interesting and I have to say enjoyable experience. I’d certainly appoint him again.”
— Peter Hoey
Before Dick built our house, we used to wonder what Project Management was?  I know now it just means sorting stuff out.  And Dick’s incredibly good at sorting stuff out.”
— Mr & Mrs Appleton, London
Dick is certainly one of the most thorough and dedicated professionals I have had the pleasure of working with in the Construction Industry. His passion and enthusiasm shows through at all stages of the project. Having worked alongside Dick on a major project I would have no hesitation in recommending the skills that he has in Construction and Project Management.”
— Richard Baron, Mace