the final transformation

Stunning Interior Designs Complete Your Refurbishment

The details are not the details, they make the design”

— Charles Eames  

Our turnkey service includes luxury interior design services as well as architectural design, construction, decoration and installation.  It really is a one stop solution for your property renovation project. 

We create innovative designs that transform our clients’ homes and the way they live in them.  We believe that a living space should be comfortable, practical and beautiful.  

A Contemporary Approach to interior design

Our full interior design service includes conceptual design, space planning, lighting design, decor and soft furnishings.  As a modern design and build contractor we adopt a contemporary approach to interior design, utilising clean architectural lines, softened by luxury furnishings, natural materials and great lighting.  Our interior decorators like to experiment with the use of different surfaces and textures within a refined colour palette.  

We look after every single detail.  Simple.