the "one team" design & Build approach

Construction and engineering projects are risky ventures: 40% are late; 50% over budget; 30% fail to meet expectations of users”
— Rethinking Construction UK DTI

Our turnkey service delivers every aspect of the project lifecycle; we undertake the feasibility study, secure the planning permission, dig the foundation, build the walls, put the roof on, install the heating, build the kitchen, hang the doors, fit the bathroom, lay the flooring, paint the walls, hang the curtains and hand you the keys.

We never say "that's not in our scope......the design information is incorrect.....that's the contractor's fault.....we're waiting for the architect to issue design drawings".   That's because everything is our responsibility.  And that's how it should be.

A single point of accountability to benefit our clients

We made the transition from being a straight contracting firm to Design & Build, because after decades in construction (including 10 years working for major consultancies), we understood that consultants add nothing to the construction phase of small works.  In fact they play a significant contribution in the fact that 40% are late; 50% over budget; and 30% fail to meet expectations of users! 

More Effective use of budget

We produce quality work that is on time and within the agreed price.  This is not just because we are good (and we are very good), but because we don't work with consultants.  

Architects should not project manage, as the have a vested interest to preserve the design and are therefore too narrow in outlook.  Moreover, there is potential for a conflict of interest; when the design is proven to be flawed, they blame the contractor first, foremost and always. 

A Turnkey Design & Home Renovation Services in London

We have fabulous architects within our team, but they do not deliver our sites.  Neither do our tradespeople undertake our designs.  Designers design and our builders build.  It works.

The best approach for residential refurbishments

Notwithstanding that your project is understandably very precious to you and  represents a significant personal outlay, in building terms, residential refurbishments are small projects.

The traditional procurement route whereby architects, consultants and the contractor are appointed separately was designed for major projects and not private domestic work.  Breaking doesn't work on small projects & it barely works on major projects. What it does do, almost without fail, is cause problems which lead to; disputes, additional costs and programme overruns.

The only route that consistently produces quality work, produced on time for a fair price, is when the Client engages with a contractor to works collaboratively and transparently. Moreover, it's a far more enjoyable process and a much better way to protect your interests.

And that's what we do.  It works.  Brilliantly.