Kitchen or basement? No need to choose!

One of the main thoughts that guide us in our work is the functionality of the designed rooms. According to this philosophy, we try to plan every space in the best possible way.

A kitchen is always a central place in the house. Very often it is space where family and social life is going on. Sometimes the space that is intended for the kitchen, does not allow you to design it in the way you dreamed. Not many countertops, not much space for cooking equipment and no space for a table that fits all your family and friends – know it from practice? What if we offered you to create your dream kitchen in your basement? It sounds crazy, right? Read more and see for yourself!

Kitchen in the basement – What should you remember about?

Good ventilation

Often the basement space is not primarily equipped with windows. Therefore the smells of your kitchen experiments may linger longer than usually. As professionalists, when we plan a new kitchen design, we always provide a good ventilator, which will absorb all the smells and will not allow them to get to the floor.

Safety measures in case of fire or flood

Statically, most fires start in the kitchen. As the basement is not an easily accessible place, all security measures should be taken very seriously. They will help to avoid fire and also will contribute to quick extinguished or escape. We always remember to plan easily accessible fire road, as well as a place for a small fire extinguisher. In addition, we always suggest that it is worth to consider the installation of a fire alarm, of course, if the budget permits it.

Basements are often susceptible to flooding. This is why, during planning and designing, it is important to remember about careful sealing all the space. Also, it is worth buying an insurance policy, in the event of a flood, in order to not lose invested money.

Benefits of a kitchen design in the basement

– Dream kitchen designed according to all your needs

– Soundproofing space

– Additional space on the floor

– Modern and innovative interior

Are you still wondering, if you should convert your basement into a kitchen? Do not wait! Contact us!

Thanks to our experience and creativity, we will create a fantastic place that will meet all your expectations and become a favorite place in the house – yours, your family and friends!