managing the site logistics for a basement build

The line between disorder & order lies in logistics....”
— Sun Tzu

On mobilising to site (prior to the start of construction) our team will install all the necessary  site logistics and controls (as detailed in the Construction Method Statement & the Construction Traffic Management Plan) to efficiently deliver your project successfully.

A basement build differs from a standard refurbishment

With hundreds of tons of soil to be extracted, managing the site logistics for a basement project represents a significant challenge.  Essentially, this is what separates basement construction from the delivery of a standard home refurbishments.  A basement development has substantial potential for disturbance to neighbours arising from noise, dust, soil removal and deliveries. 

Responsible and Professional site management

At Dick Whittington Design & Build we are proud of our reputation as responsible and considerate contractors.  Our site delivery teams are focused on delivering our basements to the highest standards of integrity.  During the construction, we are fully responsible for the day to day site management in the execution of all works and this includes our commitment to ensuring that every client's basement development is delivered with minimal impact to them and their neighbours.

Consider everyone.  Simple.