Renovation of the basement – entertainment under the floor of your house

The purpose of the renovation is usually to create a new, functional space in your home. A basement does not have to be associated with an overcrowded warehouse and a mess. With our help, you will create an entertainment center for your home, where you will surprise your family and friends. What can we offer you?


The basement space can be easily transformed into a place where you, your friends and family can hang out. The basement gives you great opportunities to design your private, home cinema. Thanks to its features, creating and managing sound and light is much easier. Adding comfortable sofas and popcorn machines will make you forget about crowded cinemas located in shopping malls! Your friends will book their appointments for one month in advance. We think it’s time to set a repertoire!

Swimming pool

How many times after a stressful day did you feel like jumping into a pool or hot tub? Deciding to work with us, your dream can become a reality! Thanks to the constant development of technology, you no longer have to worry about the smell of chlorine in your entire home or the accumulation of moisture. Our experience will allow us to create a fantastic relaxation zone in your basement, tailored to the possibilities of space and your budget! Imagine the faces of your friends when you invite them to a pool party instead of a classic dinner!


How much time do you spend on your daily commutes and returns from the gym? Imagine that you can use this time for extra training instead! All you need to do is turn your basement into a gym, of course with our help. Space under your floor is perfect for mange the gymnasium idea.

Looking for more inspiration? Or maybe you have your own idea for basement renovation? Contact us and we will find the best solution for your home.