an extensive supply chain delivering quality

There are 3 kinds of people in this World; those that are good at maths & those that are not.”

— Anon

Dick Whittington Design & Build is a managing contractor with an extensive supply chain.  

We don’t have  a large joinery workshop manufacturing our own range of kitchens, neither do we fabricate steel structures, or for that matter, produce home grown organic vegetables.  We are builders, and we stick to what we are good at; delivering quality construction projects.

A pre-qualified for keen prices

Over many years we have forged relationships with a proven supply chain of sub-contractors and manufacturers.  This supply chain has been prequalified and the associated rates have been negotiated to extract the keenest prices. 

Through our lean form of delivery we can keep the development costs to an absolute minimum.   Furthermore, by leveraging competitive prices and closely managing the execution, we can produce a high quality delivery at a keen price. 

We keep to what we are best at and procure the rest at the right price.  Simple.