There was a basement…

Every time you have to go down to the basement, you put it off in time as long as possible? Is your basement the place that you treat as a store and warehouse for the things which “you may need someday”?

A basement is usually an unappreciated, neglected and unused space, associated with everlasting mess, coolness, and dampness. Practically, this place shows enormous potential for being developed and converted into a favorite place in your house!

Everything is up to you!

There are plenty of ways to arrange your own basement. Just imagine that instead of a dark and cluttered room you can use – any time – a private cinema, a wine bar, a gym, or even a swimming pool! Creativity and imagination are the only limits, but – as architects – we have plenty of them! All you need to do is to contact us, describe your vision and we will present you a design for the house of your dreams.

Big basement – big opportunities

If you have a big area, there are no reasons why your basement could not be converted into an additional living and functional space. Some technical (among others, better insulation, limitation of humidity, lagging) and aesthetic changes will let your house gain a new life and extra place for relaxation or hobby.

However, we realize that no words or beautiful descriptions of our work and possibilities are not as convincing as our projects, so we encourage you to go to the Inspiration&Ideas section where you can see our work!

Small basement – also great opportunities

If you think your basement is too small and there is no chance for its metamorphosis – nothing could be more wrong! A small space may be converted into a well-organized larder, a wine bar or, e.g. a laundry with a drying room! All you need is an idea, a plan, and proper realization!

Each basement has got a potential, which is often not utilized! When contacting us, you may be sure that your basement will become a modern place, strictly corresponding to your vision!

Don’t wait, contact us and change your house!