Total Transparency is key to a successful project

A lack of transparency results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity.”
— Dalai Lama

Conventional client/contractor relationships are based upon concealment.  Whereby contractors do not share information on profit margins and instead choose to hide or disguise their profits, so that they are undeterminable to the client. 

However, it is not unreasonable for a contractor to make a profit.  So why choose to conceal it?  The answer is that it would either alert the client to an unpalatably high margin, or conversely a margin that is too low, in which case trouble would lay ahead for the client as the contractor attempts to do whatever he can to recover his financial position.

We apply a 15% margin for quality work.  It’s out there from day one.  Like every other penny that is spent on the project, it is fully disclosed. 

Secrecy or open honesty?  It’s not a difficult choice.  Simple.