Planning your Home Renovation is key! 

The creative process is a process of surrender, not control”
— Julia Cameron

Prior to starting any journey it is critical to identify the destination.  From there you can plan the route, identify your needs, understand the cost and know when you are going to arrive. 

Similarly, with a home renovation or refurbishment,  the same logical steps need to be followed. We've summarised the key steps for a typical project below.

Step 1 - Design

Without a design there is no 'destination'.   So the first thing we need to do is undertake a design for you that meets with your brief and aspirations for your project. Our designers will bring to life the potential of your home and highlight any possible limiting factors associated with:   

  • Planning compliance
  • Structural viability
  • Cost

Once we have your sign-off to the design we can move forward. Read more about the home renovation design process.

Step 2 - Planning Permission

In the event that planning consent be required, we will produce the required plans, elevations and support documentation for a planning application. 

Although we cannot guarantee planning approval will be granted, we do have a depth of experience working with planners in the council and their legislation. We will use our skills and contacts to give you the greatest chance of gaining planning permission.

The planning process takes between 8-10 weeks from validation of the application.

The process of securing planning is always a challenge.  However, with 30 years experience we are well versed in what it takes to successfully secure the required permissions.  So you can be assured that we are the right team to handle this process.

Read more about planning permission for a home refurbishment.

Step 3 - Party Wall Agreements

It may be likely that you will need to enter into an agreement with your neighbours to undertake refurbishment works.  This is because the construction may involve works that will impact shared party walls with your neighbours (above, below, to the rear or side). 

We will appoint a Party Wall Surveyor on your behalf & work with them to handle  all the necessary negotiations to secure the Party Wall Agreement.

Read more about Party Wall Agreements.

Step 4 - Building Regulation Approval

Once you have secured planning consent, you will be required to submit technical design information to secure building regulation approval.  This is required to show that the works you are undertaking comply fully with the statutory requirements of the building codes.

Step 5 - Construction

Our experienced engineers and site teams have the necessary knowledge & skills to deliver even the most complex refurbishments to very highest standards.  All our refurbishments are delivered by our people. We use the design and build methodology which has many advantages over the traditional design, bid and build approach.

One team, one goal.

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