Design Collaboration & Teamwork

How well we communicate is determined not by how well we say things, but how well we are understood.”
— Andrew Grove

As a Design & Build contractor our delivery teams are wholly reliant upon the quality of the design information that they receive from our designers.  There is no third party blame culture or gaps in responsibility.  Any problems, are our problems.  

Our designers have developed a right-first-time process.  We achieve this by using the latest software which identifies clashes, anomalies and issues, before they reach the site teams.  We also produce comprehensive and robust design information that when combined with the  'can do' mentality of our tradespeople, helps to ensure that we successfully deliver projects on time, and within budget, to the highest possible standards of workmanship .

What are the design deliverables you should expect?

To offer an insight, the following design deliverables will likely be produced for your project:

  • Feasibility sketches.
  • Concept designs.
  • Planning Application plans, elevations & sections.
  • Developed designs integrating design drawings from specialists.
  • Structural designs and calculations.
  • Building Regulation plans and submissions.
  • Bathroom designs and specifications.
  • Kitchen designs including shop drawings for manufacture.
  • Cabinetry detail including shop drawings for manufacture.
  • Electrical plan layouts.
  • Lighting specification with reflective ceiling plan.
  • Plumbing  & mechanical designs.
  • Floor finishes plan.
  • Joinery details for skirting & architrave.
  • Door and furniture schedule.
  • Wall finishes/decoration plan & schedule.
  • Furniture plan and schedule.
  • Procurement schedule.

Working together to protect our clients' interests

In order to secure the required material approvals to produce this information, our designers are fully engaged with our clients.  They also work closely with our site teams to identify potential site conditions that may impact the delivery of the design.

Ultimately what our clients get from us is a collaborative professional approach to project delivery where the designer, our client and the site teams work together with the same aim. This helps communication, aids budget management and can lead to a speedier completion date.

It's not enough to simply be a good designer, you have to be able to communicate the vision and work with others to bring it to fruition.

One team.  One goal.  Simple.

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